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Sep 22

Artwork Do’s and Don’ts

Good artwork is the foundation of a great product. But what exactly does that mean? Well, let’s first take a look at what that doesn’t mean.   Artwork for screenprinting is not: a hand drawn picture colored with pencils, crayons, or paint. It might look great but it can’t be used to make the screens. …

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Sep 10

Let’s Start at the Beginning

You’ve probably purchased dozens of shirts over the years that had great designs printed on the front. Maybe it was that  “85 Bears jersey, a remembrance of your trip to Las Vegas, or some witty saying that caught your eye. Whatever the occasion your shirt was imprinted using a process called screenprinting. You’ve heard the …

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Aug 31

New and Improved Art Newvo

It’s been a long time in the making but we are finally ready to introduce our new and improved website.  We’ve given it a complete makeover!  There are a few new bells and whistles to give you a more interactive experience. Our product page now features a virtual catalog where you can flip through the …

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